Solana Price Rally: 50% Surge in 2 Weeks

Discover the Solana price rally on Coinbase, a 50% surge in 2 weeks. Learn about institutional bids for SOL and its bullish future potential.
Solana price rally

The Solana price rally has recently garnered attention with an impressive 50% increase in just two weeks. This surge in value can be largely attributed to Coinbase, a prominent digital assets exchange listed on Nasdaq, which has played a significant role in driving bullish pressures for the cryptocurrency. In this article, we will delve into the factors contributing to Solana’s price rally and explore whether the increase in value is sustainable.

Coinbase’s Role in Solana’s Price Rally

Data from Paris-based Kaiko reveals that Solana’s cumulative volume delta (CVD) on Coinbase has increased by almost $1 million since October 25, indicating a net capital inflow. The CVD on other exchanges such as Binance and Kraken has also turned positive recently. However, on Upbit, a South Korean exchange, the CVD has been negative and declining for two weeks.

CVD is a metric that tracks the net difference between buying and selling volumes over time. Positive values signify an excess of purchase volume, suggesting bullish pressures, while negative values indicate the opposite. The increase in CVD on Coinbase implies that institutional investors may be bidding for SOL through this exchange, as the median order size on Coinbase has been larger compared to other exchanges.

Coinbase’s prominence in the SOL market is further supported by a bullish report published by VanEck, a multi-billion dollar institutional asset manager. The report outlines a scenario where Solana becomes the first blockchain to accommodate applications with over 100 million users, potentially driving the cryptocurrency’s price as high as $3,200 by 2030.

On-Chain Activity and Solana’s Price Rally

Despite the recent price gains, on-chain activity for SOL has not seen a significant boost. The total value of assets locked in Solana-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols has actually decreased from 12.03 million SOL to 10.23 million SOL in just two weeks, the lowest level since April 2021 according to DefiLlama. While volume on Solana-based decentralized exchanges and active addresses on the network have increased, it hasn’t been enough to justify the price rally, as noted by on-chain analyst Patrick Scott.

One possible explanation for the lack of on-chain activity growth could be that institutional investors are accumulating SOL tokens on exchanges rather than actively participating in the Solana ecosystem. This would result in an increase in CVD and price, but not necessarily translate to higher on-chain activity.

Questions About the Sustainability of Solana’s Price Rally

The fact that on-chain activity has not seen a corresponding increase alongside the Solana price rally raises questions about the sustainability of the recent gains. If institutional investors are indeed driving the price surge, it is essential to consider the potential impact of their actions on the long-term health of the Solana ecosystem.

Institutional investors may have a more significant influence on the market than retail investors due to their larger capital base. However, their primary focus is typically on generating profits, which could lead to short-term price fluctuations that may not be sustainable in the long run.

Furthermore, if the majority of SOL tokens are held by a small number of institutional investors, this could potentially lead to centralization issues and create vulnerabilities in the Solana ecosystem. Decentralization is a critical aspect of blockchain technology, as it helps ensure security, transparency, and fairness within the network.


In conclusion, the Solana price rally has been driven by bullish pressures on Coinbase, with institutions potentially showing interest in the cryptocurrency. However, on-chain activity has not seen a corresponding increase, raising questions about the sustainability of the rally. It is crucial for the Solana ecosystem to maintain a healthy balance between institutional and retail investors and ensure that the network remains decentralized and secure. As the Solana price rally continues to unfold, market participants should keep a close eye on the evolving dynamics between on-chain activity and price movements.