Millions in Crypto Moved from FTX Amid Bankruptcy

"Millions in crypto assets moved from FTX & Alameda wallets. Stay informed on the latest market developments. #CryptoAssets #FTX #Alameda"
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Crypto assets worth millions of dollars have been transferred out of official wallets linked to FTX and its trading firm Alameda in the past 24 hours, as reported by Spotonchain. The bankrupt exchange is currently operating under court supervision in an effort to salvage value and maximize its token holdings.

Over $13 million worth of various crypto tokens, such as DYDX, AAVE, and Axie Infinity’s AXS, have been moved to exchange platforms Binance and Coinbase since midnight UTC. This comes after a September court order that allowed the bankruptcy estate to sell, stake, and hedge crypto holdings valued at over $3.4 billion. In the week prior, approximately $19 million in solana (SOL) and ether (ETH) were transferred from wallets to crypto exchanges.

Additional Crypto Asset Transfers

On October 31, Spotonchain posted on X (formerly Twitter) that an additional $19.5 million in various tokens were deposited to Coinbase. Peckshield also reported movements on the same day, stating that the wallets were labeled as belonging to FTX or Alameda.

FTX Bankruptcy Proceedings and Fraud Trial

FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing in Delaware, while its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, faces a criminal fraud trial in New York. The court’s decision to allow the sale, staking, and hedging of crypto assets is an attempt to recover as much value as possible for the exchange’s creditors and stakeholders.

Impact on the Crypto Market

The movement of these crypto assets may have an impact on the overall crypto market, as large amounts of tokens are being transferred to major exchange platforms. This could potentially lead to fluctuations in the prices of the affected tokens, as well as increased trading volume and market activity.

Importance of Court Supervision

The court supervision of FTX’s bankruptcy process is crucial to ensure that the exchange’s actions are transparent and in the best interest of its creditors and stakeholders. By allowing the sale, staking, and hedging of crypto assets, the court aims to maximize the value of the estate and provide a fair outcome for all parties involved.


In conclusion, the movement of millions of dollars worth of crypto assets from FTX and Alameda’s official wallets to exchange platforms Binance and Coinbase is a significant development in the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings of FTX. With the court’s supervision and approval, the exchange is working to salvage value and maximize its token holdings in order to provide the best possible outcome for its creditors and stakeholders. As the proceedings continue, the crypto market may experience fluctuations and increased activity due to the large amounts of tokens being transferred and traded on major exchange platforms.