Jade Protocol: Calls to Liquidate $31M Treasury

Investors seek Jade Protocol's $31M token treasury liquidation due to regulatory worries & deal flow issues. Stay informed & take action.
Jade Protocol

Jade Protocol, an investment group specializing in early-stage crypto deals, is currently facing demands to liquidate its $31 million token treasury and issue redemptions to token-holders. This development comes as a longtime member of the DAO has proposed its dissolution, citing regulatory issues and a lack of deal flow as the primary reasons for this move. The investor argues that the DAO presents a significant investment risk to all token holders and that distributing all treasury funds back to them without delay would create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Challenges Faced by Jade Protocol

Jade Protocol is the latest crypto project to experience pressure from its investors to shut down. This pressure has been mounting as more and more investors have joined Jade in recent times. Kevin Randleman, a high-ranking DAO member, acknowledges that the challenges Jade faces are real. He believes that the community will ultimately decide the future of the project.

Regulatory Issues

One of the primary concerns cited by the investor proposing the dissolution of Jade Protocol is regulatory issues. As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, regulatory bodies worldwide are increasing their scrutiny of crypto projects. This heightened scrutiny has led to concerns that Jade Protocol may face regulatory challenges that could negatively impact the project and its token holders.

Lack of Deal Flow

Another issue raised by the investor is the lack of deal flow in Jade Protocol’s portfolio. The investor believes that the project’s inability to secure a consistent stream of early-stage crypto deals puts token holders at risk. This concern is especially relevant considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, where investment opportunities can quickly dry up.

Steps Towards Dissolution

Before Jade Protocol can move forward with the proposed dissolution and token redemption process, several bureaucratic and technical barriers must be overcome. One such requirement is the creation of a $2 million legal defense fund. This fund will assist core contributors in winding down the DAO if the dissolution is approved.

Community Decision

As Kevin Randleman mentioned, the decision to dissolve Jade Protocol ultimately lies with the community. The token holders will have to weigh the potential risks and rewards of continuing with the project versus liquidating the token treasury and issuing redemptions. This decision will likely involve discussions and debates among the community members, as well as a voting process to determine the best course of action.

Implications for the Crypto Industry

The situation surrounding Jade Protocol serves as a reminder of the challenges and risks inherent in the cryptocurrency industry. As more projects face regulatory scrutiny and struggle to maintain a steady flow of investment opportunities, investors must be vigilant in assessing the viability of these projects. The potential dissolution of Jade Protocol could also serve as a cautionary tale for other crypto projects, highlighting the importance of transparency, communication, and community involvement in ensuring a project’s success.


In conclusion, Jade Protocol is currently facing calls to liquidate its $31 million token treasury and issue redemptions to token-holders due to concerns over regulatory issues and a lack of deal flow. The decision to dissolve the DAO will ultimately be made by the community, who must weigh the potential risks and rewards of continuing with the project. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, the challenges faced by Jade Protocol serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency, communication, and community involvement in the success of crypto projects.