HayCoin Price Soars to $5.5M: The Original Meme Coin

Skyrocketing HayCoin price hits $5.5M on Uniswap! Join the community, invest in the original meme coin & seize the opportunity. #HayCoinPrice
HayCoin price

HayCoin price experienced a significant surge, reaching a peak of $5.5 million per token on Thursday morning. This sudden increase came after a long-term holder burned a considerable number of tokens. However, the price dropped back down to $3 million shortly after. Currently, there are only 4.35 tokens in circulation among 5,800 holders, giving HayCoin a market capitalization of nearly $14 million. No HAY tokens are held in any other wallets besides those in circulation.

HayCoin: The First Tokens on Uniswap

Hayden Adams, the creator of Uniswap, originally released these tokens in 2019, with no intention for them to hold any value. Many of the tokens were destroyed soon after their release. However, a group of crypto traders recently discovered some surviving tokens and acquired them, subsequently renaming them HayCoin. The HayCoin price experienced a significant jump when Adams burned his holdings. Additionally, a wallet from 2019 burned 51 HAY tokens by sending them to an uncontrolled address, likely contributing to the price increase.

HayCoin: The “Original Meme Coin”

HayCoin has quickly gained a community following, with many treating the tokens as a digital relic and even referring to them as the “original meme coin.” The fact that HayCoin is the first of its kind has attracted value among crypto investors, despite the tokens lacking inherent value.

The Appeal of Older Creations in the Crypto Space

This trend of older reincarnations gaining strong demand among crypto investors can also be seen with the relaunch of Etheria. Etheria, a collection of digital land issued just three months after the release of Ethereum in 2015, initially sold for under $1 per token. However, during the previous market bull run, the price skyrocketed to over $130,000 worth of ether per token, highlighting the appeal of older creations in the crypto space.

Factors Contributing to HayCoin Price Fluctuations

Several factors contributed to the fluctuations in HayCoin price. One of the primary reasons was the burning of tokens by long-term holders, which led to a reduced supply and increased demand. Additionally, the growing community following and the appeal of HayCoin as the “original meme coin” have attracted value among crypto investors.

HayCoin’s Limited Circulating Supply

With a limited circulating supply of only 4.35 tokens, HayCoin has gained attention in the crypto market. This scarcity has made the tokens more valuable to investors, who are willing to pay a premium for the chance to own a piece of crypto history.


In conclusion, the HayCoin price surged to $5.5 million per token before dropping back down to $3 million. With a limited circulating supply and a growing community following, HayCoin has gained attention as the “original meme coin” and attracted value among crypto investors. Similarly, older creations like Etheria have demonstrated the demand for such relics in the crypto market. The appeal of these digital artifacts highlights the importance of understanding the history and evolution of the cryptocurrency space, as well as the potential value that can be found in older, lesser-known projects.