FTX Bankruptcy Recovery: Payout to Creditors Triples

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FTX bankruptcy recovery

FTX bankruptcy recovery has seen remarkable success, with the expected payout to creditors more than tripling this year. Matrixport, a crypto services provider, has reported that the average expected payout for creditor claims against FTX has surged to 37 cents on the dollar, up from just over 10 cents at the beginning of 2023. This significant increase in expected payouts is a testament to the effectiveness of the recovery process.

Recovering Assets

FTX has managed to recover over $7.3 billion of assets, including $3.4 billion in crypto, $1.1 billion in cash, and $200 million worth of real estate on the Bahamas. The recovery process is largely complete, with only minor donations still pending. This impressive asset recovery has played a significant role in the FTX bankruptcy recovery’s success.

Investment in AI Startup Anthropic

In addition to the recovered assets, FTX also holds a $500 million stake in AI startup Anthropic. This investment could potentially lift the value of FTX creditor claims if Amazon decides to invest up to $4 billion in the startup. The potential success of Anthropic and its partnership with Amazon could further improve the financial situation for FTX creditors.

FTX 2.0: A Promising Restart

The potential restart of the exchange, often referred to as FTX 2.0, could also be promising for creditors. The successful recapitalization of an exchange has been achieved before, with every creditor becoming an equity owner. This possibility of a successful restart could greatly enhance the FTX bankruptcy recovery process and provide a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Trading Bankruptcy Claims

The FTX bankruptcy claims market has been in a frenzy, with investors trading bankruptcy claims. The level of expected payouts for FTX creditors has improved significantly, which has attracted the attention of investors. This active trading of bankruptcy claims has contributed to the overall success of the FTX bankruptcy recovery.


In conclusion, the FTX bankruptcy recovery has been a noteworthy success story. With the expected payout to creditors more than tripling this year, the recovery process has proven to be effective. The significant assets recovered, the potential success of AI startup Anthropic, and the possible restart of the exchange as FTX 2.0 all contribute to the promising future for FTX creditors.

The frenzy in the FTX bankruptcy claims market and the surge in expected payouts demonstrate the confidence of investors in the ongoing recovery process. As the FTX bankruptcy recovery continues to progress, creditors can look forward to a more optimistic financial outcome.