Cryptocurrency News: $1.5M ETH Sold for Bitcoin City

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Cryptocurrency news: A popular user on Friend.Tech, @Vombatus_eth, recently made headlines by dumping 850 ether (ETH) worth of keys and switching to New Bitcoin City, a similar social app built on Bitcoin. This move has generated significant interest in the growing competition between the two platforms.

Friend.Tech’s Rapid Growth and Subsequent Slowdown

Friend.Tech has been one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms since its launch in August, allowing users to issue ‘keys’ for access to closed group chats. The platform attracted millions of dollars in revenue from over 100,000 users in under three weeks. However, its growth has slowed down recently, with newer opportunities like New Bitcoin City gaining traction in the market.

New Bitcoin City’s Emergence as a Promising Alternative

Initially a gaming and arcade platform on Bitcoin, New Bitcoin City released its social application in late September, targeting the social application market. The platform aims to tap into the potential of wealthy bitcoin holders using their assets on interactive applications. The introduction of “Bitcoin Request for Comment” (BRC-20) standards this year allowed developers to issue tokens and build DeFi applications on Bitcoin.

New Bitcoin City’s appeal has been amplified by the recent uptrend in bitcoin prices, which have risen about 20% in the past week. Traders believe that the potential approval of a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the U.S. could further drive demand for the asset.

@Vombatus_eth’s Impact on Friend.Tech and New Bitcoin City

The recent actions of @Vombatus_eth, who sold 176 keys and earned around $1.5 million, have caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community. Despite this sale, they still hold 150 keys. The move not only highlights the profitability of such platforms but also indicates a shift in user preferences.

As more users like @Vombatus_eth attract their followers to New Bitcoin City, Friend.Tech’s growth may continue to slow. This cryptocurrency news has sparked interest in the evolving competition between these two platforms and their potential impact on the broader market.


In conclusion, the recent actions of @Vombatus_eth have highlighted the growing competition between Friend.Tech and New Bitcoin City. With the latter platform emerging as a promising alternative, it remains to be seen how Friend.Tech will respond to maintain its user base and continue its growth trajectory. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, it’s essential for platforms like these to adapt to changing user preferences and market dynamics to stay relevant in the industry. This cryptocurrency news serves as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of the digital currency world and the need for constant innovation.