Chainlink LINK Surge: 17-Month High Profit Taking

Chainlink LINK price surge lures investors, yet profit-taking signs arise. Act now & stay updated on digital asset market trends. #crypto #investing
Chainlink LINK price surge

Chainlink LINK price surge reached a 17-month high on Monday, as investors flocked to the token due to the growing interest in the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). The price of LINK, Chainlink’s native token, increased by 9% in the past 24 hours, peaking at $11. Although it has since retraced some of its gains, LINK has still experienced a 43% increase over the last month. This impressive performance places it among the top-performing large-cap digital assets.

Tokenization of Real-World Assets Driving Chainlink’s Value

The recent excitement surrounding the tokenization of real-world assets has been a significant factor in driving the value of Chainlink’s LINK. Tokenization involves placing traditional assets such as equity, bonds, or real estate on blockchains. Oracles, like Chainlink, play a crucial role in providing real-world data to blockchain networks and applications.

As the demand for tokenized assets grows, so does the need for reliable and accurate data from oracles. This increased demand has contributed to the Chainlink LINK price surge, attracting investors looking to capitalize on the tokenization trend.

Increased LINK Deposits on Exchanges

However, blockchain data suggests that the rally may slow down, as there has been an increase in LINK deposits on exchanges. Depositing tokens to an exchange usually indicates an investor’s intention to sell, while withdrawing tokens suggests a purchase. According to CryptoQuant, Monday saw the largest net influx of LINK tokens, with nearly 1.4 million being deposited on centralized exchanges. This trend has continued for four consecutive days.

Large Trader Activity on Binance

Arkham Intelligence, an on-chain analytics firm, highlighted a significant deposit and withdrawal of LINK tokens by a large trader on Binance. The trader deposited 300,000 LINK tokens worth $3.1 million and later withdrew $3 million in USDT stablecoin. They then sent an additional 380,447 LINK valued at $3.9 million to Binance. Despite these transactions, the investor still held $3.1 million worth of LINK.

This activity could indicate that some investors are taking profits after the Chainlink LINK price surge, leading to increased LINK deposits on exchanges. If this trend continues, it could result in a slowdown of the current rally.


In conclusion, the tokenization of real-world assets has played a significant role in the recent Chainlink LINK price surge. Investors have been drawn to the potential of the oracle’s involvement in this growing market. However, with increased LINK deposits on exchanges and some investors taking profits, there is a possibility that the rally may slow down.

As the tokenization of real-world assets continues to gain traction, it will be interesting to see how Chainlink’s LINK price reacts. For now, investors should keep a close eye on the market and any changes in the trend of LINK deposits on exchanges.