Bluefin v2 Launch: Optimistic Trades & Privacy Boost

Upgrade to Bluefin v2 on Sui network for sub-second trades, spot/cross-margin capabilities, and privacy. No crypto wallet needed! Try it now!
Bluefin v2

Bluefin v2, an upgraded version of the decentralized orderbook exchange, has recently been launched on the Sui network. This new version offers a range of enhanced features, including sub-second trades, spot and cross-margin capabilities, and a unique privacy function that allows users to trade without a crypto wallet. The company has completely rewritten its codebase and rebuilt the exchange on a new underlying technology, aiming to create a decentralized platform that can match the features and trading experience of centralized exchanges.

Continued Support for Bluefin v1

Despite the launch of Bluefin v2, Bluefin v1 will remain active and continue to support users trading perpetual swaps on the Ethereum scaling network, Arbitrum. This decision ensures that existing users are not left behind and can still benefit from the features offered by the original version.

Improved Trading Experience with Bluefin v2

One of the key improvements in Bluefin v2 is the introduction of sub-second trades. This feature allows traders to execute transactions at lightning-fast speeds, providing a more seamless trading experience. Additionally, spot and cross-margin capabilities have been added, giving users more flexibility in managing their trading positions and leveraging their assets.

Privacy Function for Secure Trading

Another significant enhancement in Bluefin v2 is the privacy function, which enables users to trade without a crypto wallet. This feature ensures that users can maintain their privacy while conducting transactions on the platform, further securing their assets and personal information.

Investor Support and Fundraising

Bluefin has managed to attract significant interest from investors, raising funds from renowned firms such as Polychain Capital, Susquehanna, Wintermute, GSR, and Wintermute. This financial backing has allowed the company to develop and launch its upgraded platform, Bluefin v2, and continue its mission to provide a decentralized trading platform with the same features and experience as centralized exchanges.

Competing with Centralized Exchanges

The launch of Bluefin v2 represents a significant step forward in the world of decentralized trading platforms. By offering an extensive range of features and a seamless trading experience, Bluefin v2 aims to compete with centralized exchanges that have long dominated the market. With the support of its investors and the growing interest in decentralized platforms, Bluefin v2 has the potential to disrupt the traditional trading landscape.


In summary, the launch of Bluefin v2 on the Sui network marks a major milestone for the company and the decentralized trading community. With its upgraded features, including sub-second trades, spot and cross-margin capabilities, and a privacy function for secure trading without a crypto wallet, Bluefin v2 is poised to provide a competitive alternative to centralized exchanges. The continued support for Bluefin v1 ensures that existing users can still benefit from the platform, while the launch of Bluefin v2 paves the way for a new era in decentralized trading.