Bitcoin Volumes Drop on Binance

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Bitcoin trading volumes

Bitcoin trading volumes on Binance have experienced a significant drop this month due to increased regulatory scrutiny and lawsuits against the exchange. K33 Research reports that Binance’s seven-day average spot BTC volume has plummeted by 57% since the beginning of September. In contrast, other exchanges, such as Coinbase, have seen flat or slightly increased trading volumes, with Coinbase experiencing a 9% increase.

This decline in trading volumes on Binance coincides with the numerous regulatory challenges the exchange has been facing worldwide. These challenges include lawsuits, license rejections, and voluntary withdrawals. The US Department of Justice is reportedly considering charges against the company, while the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Binance, its US entity, and founder Changpeng Zhao three months ago for breaching multiple federal securities laws.

In the midst of these regulatory issues, Bitcoin’s volatility remains low, which is consistent with the calm observed in the US stock and bond markets. Some crypto traders believe that this low volatility is likely to continue after the Federal Reserve rate decision on Wednesday. The central bank has raised rates by 525 basis points since March 2022 in an effort to tame inflation. This initially injected volatility into the liquidity-addicted crypto and traditional markets.

FTX’s US Division Salary Dispute

In other crypto news, Sam Bankman-Fried’s father, Joe Bankman, was paid a $200,000 salary by FTX’s US division, according to a filing from FTX’s bankruptcy estate, which is suing the parents. Joe Bankman claimed that he was supposed to receive $1 million annually starting the previous month in a message to an FTX executive on Jan. 12, 2022. He then emailed his son, expressing surprise at the $200,000 salary and stating that he had just heard about it.

Impact on Binance and the Crypto Market

The decrease in Bitcoin trading volumes on Binance may have a significant impact on the exchange and the overall crypto market. As one of the largest and most popular exchanges, Binance’s performance can influence market sentiment and investor confidence. The regulatory challenges faced by the exchange serve as a reminder of the need for proper compliance and adherence to securities laws in the crypto industry.

Moreover, the drop in trading volumes could potentially affect the liquidity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Reduced liquidity may lead to increased price volatility and impact the efficiency of the market. This, in turn, could discourage new investors from entering the market and affect the growth of the crypto industry as a whole.


In conclusion, the decline in Bitcoin trading volumes on Binance highlights the importance of regulatory compliance in the crypto industry. As regulatory scrutiny increases, exchanges must ensure that they adhere to all relevant laws and guidelines to maintain investor confidence and market stability. The ongoing challenges faced by Binance serve as a cautionary tale for other exchanges and market participants, emphasizing the need for a robust regulatory framework to support the continued growth of the crypto market.