Bitcoin rally soars 28% in October

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Bitcoin price rally

Bitcoin price rally experienced a significant 28% increase in October, thanks to a variety of contributing factors. The surge in the cryptocurrency’s value was driven by events such as the signing of California’s crypto licensing bill into law, the focus of Robinhood Crypto’s general manager on removing barriers to the crypto space, and the settlement of a case related to FTX involving an NFL quarterback and two YouTube influencers. Additionally, Senator Warren’s crypto bill gained new support, further fueling the Bitcoin price rally.

California’s Crypto Licensing Bill

The signing of California’s crypto licensing bill into law played a major role in the Bitcoin price rally. This legislation aims to provide a regulatory framework for the growing cryptocurrency industry and ensure consumer protection. The new law is expected to bring more legitimacy to the crypto space and attract more investors, thereby increasing demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Robinhood Crypto’s General Manager’s Focus

Another factor contributing to the Bitcoin price rally is the focus of Robinhood Crypto’s general manager on removing barriers to the crypto space. By making it easier for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, Robinhood Crypto aims to increase the number of retail investors in the market. This, in turn, leads to higher demand for Bitcoin and contributes to the price rally.

FTX Case Settlement

The settlement of a case related to FTX involving an NFL quarterback and two YouTube influencers also had a positive impact on the Bitcoin price rally. The case was settled amicably, with all parties agreeing to promote better understanding and transparency in the cryptocurrency industry. This resolution is seen as a positive development for the crypto market and has likely contributed to the increased demand for Bitcoin.

Senator Warren’s Crypto Bill Gains Support

Senator Warren’s crypto bill, which aims to provide comprehensive regulation for the cryptocurrency industry, gained new support in October. This support is expected to increase the chances of the bill becoming law, which could bring more stability and legitimacy to the crypto market. As a result, the Bitcoin price rally has been further fueled by the growing optimism surrounding the potential passage of this bill.

Sam Bankman-Fried Found Guilty of Fraud

In contrast to the positive news driving the Bitcoin price rally, Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder and former CEO of FTX, was found guilty of defrauding customers and lenders. Despite this negative development, the overall market sentiment remained bullish, and the Bitcoin price rally continued.

Coinbase Exceeds Analyst Estimates in Earnings and Revenue

Coinbase, a popular crypto exchange, exceeded analyst estimates for earnings and revenue in the third quarter. Although the company fell short in total trading volume, reporting $76 billion compared to the expected $80.1 billion, its third-quarter adjusted loss per share was lower than expected, and total revenue surpassed estimates. This positive news likely contributed to the ongoing Bitcoin price rally.

MicroStrategy’s Continued Bitcoin Purchases

MicroStrategy, a software developer, announced the purchase of an additional 155 bitcoins in October, bringing its total holdings to 158,400 bitcoins. The company’s average carrying amount per bitcoin is around $15,491, while the current market value is just under $35,000. MicroStrategy’s continued investment in Bitcoin demonstrates its confidence in the cryptocurrency’s long-term potential, which may have contributed to the Bitcoin price rally.

Spot-Led Price Rally in the Crypto Market

The chart of the day highlights the relationship between Bitcoin’s price and the ratio of open interest in perpetual swaps to its market capitalization. Despite the price rally, the ratio remains near its yearly lows, indicating a lack of demand for leveraged products. This suggests that the Bitcoin price rally is driven by spot trading, which is a positive sign for the overall health of the market.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin price rally in October was influenced by a combination of factors, including the signing of California’s crypto licensing bill into law, Robinhood Crypto’s general manager’s focus on removing barriers to the crypto space, the settlement of the FTX case, and Senator Warren’s crypto bill gaining support. These developments, along with positive earnings reports from Coinbase and continued investment from MicroStrategy, have contributed to the strong performance of Bitcoin and the wider crypto market.