Bitcoin Put Options: Discounted Bets for Bulls

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Bitcoin put options

Bitcoin put options are currently trading at a discount compared to historical standards, offering bullish investors an opportunity to buy downside hedges at attractive prices. This situation is based on the ratio between the implied volatility for 25-delta out-of-the-money (OTM) BTC put options and the 30-day implied volatility of at-the-money (ATM) options. According to data from Amberdata, this ratio has fallen below 1.00, indicating that put options with strikes below the current market price of bitcoin are undervalued in terms of volatility compared to those with strikes near the spot price.

Implied Volatility and Options Valuation

Implied volatility is a measure of expected price turbulence and reflects the demand for options. Traders often use implied volatility to assess the valuation of options. Put options grant the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price on or before a specific date. Purchasing put options is a bearish strategy, often employed as a hedge against potential price corrections by traders with bullish exposure in the spot or futures market.

A Rare Opportunity for Bullish Investors

The ratio mentioned earlier has dropped below 1, reaching its lowest level since late 2021. This decrease in put options comes as traders rush to add bullish exposure through call options amid bitcoin’s price rally. The cryptocurrency recently surpassed the $36,000 mark, extending its 28% gain from October.

However, this opportunity to buy cheap hedges may be short-lived, as put options have rarely traded at a discount since early 2022. It is uncommon for put implied volatility to dip below ATM implied volatility, especially for extended periods. Despite the current bullish market sentiment and reduced demand for downside protection, it is unlikely that BTC puts will consistently maintain a discount relative to ATM volatility. This raises the question of whether this phenomenon will persist in the coming weeks.

Factors Influencing Bitcoin Put Options

Several factors could influence the pricing of Bitcoin put options. Market sentiment, the overall demand for options, and the perceived risk associated with the underlying asset all play a role in determining the price of put options. In the current market climate, bullish sentiment and a strong demand for call options have reduced the demand for downside protection, leading to the observed discount in put options.

Implications for Investors

For bullish investors, the current discount in Bitcoin put options presents an opportunity to acquire downside hedges at favorable prices. This strategy can help protect their investment against potential price corrections while maintaining exposure to the potential upside of the cryptocurrency.

However, investors should be cautious, as the discount in put options may not last long. It is essential to monitor market conditions and the pricing of options to ensure that they are taking advantage of the best opportunities available.


In summary, Bitcoin put options are trading at a discount, providing a rare opportunity for bullish investors to acquire downside hedges at favorable prices. However, it remains to be seen if this discount will continue in the future. Investors should keep a close eye on market conditions and the pricing of options to ensure they are making the most informed decisions possible.