Bitcoin Price Drop: Jobs Data May Hurt Crypto

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Bitcoin price drop

Bitcoin price drop ahead of key U.S. data release potentially impacts cryptocurrencies. The current price of bitcoin is $34,235, down 2% for the day. Earlier this week, prices briefly reached $36,000, following a 15% surge from around $30,000.

U.S. Labor Department to Release Nonfarm Payrolls Data

The U.S. Labor Department is set to release nonfarm payrolls data at 12:30 UTC. It is expected to show that the U.S. economy added 180,000 jobs in October, a significant slowdown from the 336,000 additions in September. The jobless rate is predicted to remain at 3.8%, while the year-on-year growth in average hourly earnings is likely to slow to 4% from 4.2%.

Ilan Solot, co-head of digital assets at Marex Solutions, suggests that better-than-expected jobs data could negatively impact risk assets. He believes that a soft jobs report will likely push markets higher.

Federal Reserve’s Decision on Benchmark Borrowing Cost

The Federal Reserve recently decided to keep the benchmark borrowing cost unchanged at 5.25%. They mentioned that tighter financial and credit conditions for households and businesses could weigh on economic activity, hiring, and inflation. This has led to the belief that the Fed’s tightening cycle has ended, and the next move may be a rate cut. The rapid rate hikes implemented by the Fed last year were partly responsible for the crypto crash.

Impact of Jobs Figure on Bitcoin Price

If the jobs figure surpasses expectations, it may challenge the dovish sentiment and result in a stronger dollar index, putting downward pressure on bitcoin. The bitcoin price drop is influenced by the upcoming U.S. data release, which has the potential to impact risk assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Market Reactions to the Data Release

Investors and traders are closely watching the outcome of the nonfarm payrolls data release, as it could significantly affect the cryptocurrency market. A better-than-expected jobs report may lead to a stronger dollar, which could result in a further decline in bitcoin prices. On the other hand, a soft jobs report may push markets higher and provide some relief to the recent bitcoin price drop.

Bitcoin’s Volatility and Market Sentiment

Bitcoin’s price has been known for its volatility, and market sentiment plays a crucial role in determining its value. The upcoming data release has the potential to sway market sentiment, either positively or negatively, depending on the outcome. As a result, investors and traders should be prepared for potential price fluctuations following the release of the U.S. jobs data.


In conclusion, the bitcoin price drop ahead of the key U.S. data release highlights the potential impact of economic indicators on cryptocurrencies. The nonfarm payrolls data, set to be released by the U.S. Labor Department, could either push the market higher or lead to a further decline in bitcoin prices, depending on the results. Investors and traders should closely monitor the outcome of the data release and be prepared for potential price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.