Bitcoin Options Eye Upside

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Bitcoin options trading

Bitcoin options trading is currently exhibiting a strong bullish bias, as evidenced by the 25-delta one-month call-put skew reaching its highest point in over two and a half years. This metric, which measures the relative cost of calls to puts, has surged past the 10% mark. This surge signals a pronounced preference for call options, suggesting that traders anticipate an upward movement in Bitcoin’s price.

Increased Call Option Demand

The 25-delta skew’s rise above 10% is a clear indicator of the growing demand for call options. Investors are showing a reluctance to sell calls at strike prices above the current spot price of Bitcoin. Instead, there is a noticeable trend of speculators purchasing call options to gain leveraged exposure to potential price increases. This activity points to a market sentiment that is betting on the continued appreciation of Bitcoin.

Market Dynamics and Trader Activity

In the Bitcoin options trading market, particularly on Deribit, the leading exchange, long call trades have dominated. They represent 44% of the total trading activity within the last 24 hours. This flurry of buying activity for call options has left market makers with a significant net short position, particularly for options with strike prices above $36,000.

Price Implications and Market Maker Adjustments

With Bitcoin’s price exceeding the $36,000 level, market makers are finding themselves in a position where they need to purchase Bitcoin to rebalance their portfolios. This need to adjust their net exposure to a market-neutral stance could inadvertently contribute to the acceleration of Bitcoin’s rally. As market makers buy Bitcoin to hedge their short call positions, their actions can provide additional momentum to the upward price movement.

Long-Term Outlook

The bullish sentiment in Bitcoin options trading isn’t confined to the short term. Skews measuring the bias for call options over puts for durations of two, three, and six months also reflect expectations for Bitcoin’s strength to persist. This longer-term confidence adds to the current bullish atmosphere surrounding Bitcoin.


The current state of the Bitcoin options trading market is characterized by a strong bullish sentiment. The 25-delta skew indicates a preference for call options, and market dynamics suggest a continued positive outlook for Bitcoin’s price. As market makers adjust their positions, they could further fuel the rally. This bullish trend is not just a short-term phenomenon but is also mirrored in the expectations for the coming months, as longer duration call-put skews also lean towards sustained BTC strength.

In summary, Bitcoin options trading is signaling that the market is leaning heavily towards optimism, with a substantial bias for calls over puts. This could be a precursor to further gains in the price of Bitcoin, as market makers and traders align their strategies in anticipation of a continued upward trajectory.