Bitcoin, Gold, ETF, SEC: $30B Inflows Possible

"Bitcoin surpasses gold with potential $30B inflow via US-listed spot ETF, approved by SEC. Explore our report & act now!"
Bitcoin, Gold, ETF, SEC

Bitcoin, Gold, ETF, and SEC are key terms in a recent report by Matrixport, which states that Bitcoin is a better digital store of value than gold. With a market capitalization equivalent to 10.8% of the market cap of physical financial gold, Bitcoin has been gaining ground as a more convenient and accessible store of value. Gold exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) are valued at $200 billion, while Bitcoin’s market capitalization stands at $540 billion. The potential approval of a U.S.-listed spot Bitcoin ETF by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could result in inflows of $20 – $30 billion, potentially leading to a significant rally in the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s Edge Over Gold

The report highlights several advantages of Bitcoin over gold in terms of storage and accessibility. One of the most notable benefits is that private keys can be memorized, eliminating the risk of confiscation. Storing assets in the form of gold has become less popular in the digital age and comes with significant restrictions when crossing borders. Bitcoin offers a solution to this dilemma, enabling the swift and relatively inconspicuous movement of value across borders.

Why Bitcoin is Gaining Popularity as a Store of Value

In addition to its ease of storage and transport, Bitcoin has other features that make it an attractive alternative to gold. Its digital nature allows for easy divisibility, making it possible to buy and sell smaller amounts than would be feasible with gold. Additionally, Bitcoin’s decentralized nature means that it is not subject to the same geopolitical risks as gold, which is often held in centralized locations such as banks or government vaults.

SEC Approval of a Bitcoin ETF

The approval of a U.S.-listed spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC could be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency market. It is estimated that this approval could trigger inflows of $20 – $30 billion, leading to a significant rally in Bitcoin’s value. This influx of mainstream money into the sector would further solidify Bitcoin’s status as a viable store of value and a speculative financial asset.

What a Bitcoin ETF Means for Investors

The approval of a Bitcoin ETF would make it easier for investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency without having to buy and store it directly. This could lead to increased demand from both retail and institutional investors, driving up the price of Bitcoin and further establishing it as a legitimate store of value.


Matrixport’s report concludes that Bitcoin’s primary roles are likely as a store of value similar to gold and a speculative financial asset. As Bitcoin continues to gain traction and its market capitalization grows, it is becoming increasingly clear that it offers several advantages over gold as a store of value. The ease of storage, transport, and divisibility make it an attractive alternative to gold, and the potential approval of a U.S.-listed spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC could further solidify its status in the financial world.

With the crypto market eagerly awaiting the SEC’s decision on a Bitcoin ETF, it is clear that the future of Bitcoin as a store of value and investment asset is bright. As more investors recognize the benefits of Bitcoin over gold, the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization and value are likely to continue to rise, making it an increasingly attractive option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios.