Bitcoin Forecast: Breakout to $36K Soon

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Bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin price prediction suggests a tug of war at the $36,000 level, with bulls and bears vying for control. The cryptocurrency finds support from consistent buying activity during U.S. hours. Currently, Bitcoin is tightly wound below the $36,000 threshold, with a fresh wave of optimism for a spot ETF potentially acting as a catalyst. Among the large-cap altcoins, LINK and MATIC stood out with a 10% gain, leading the pack.

Gains in the Crypto Market

As the market anticipates the so-called Santa Claus rally, the overall sentiment is buoyed by an accommodating macroeconomic backdrop. This festive season rally is a phenomenon where stock prices often surge in the last week of December. In the crypto world, this translates to potential upward movements in cryptocurrency values, including Bitcoin. Matrixport, a digital asset financial services platform, has suggested that the conditions are ripe for such a rally, which could kick off at any moment.

Institutional Interest in LINK

Chainlink’s native token, LINK, has captured the attention of institutional investors. Over the past week, it has seen a steady influx of institutional buy flows. This interest from larger financial entities could be indicative of Chainlink’s growing importance and potential in the crypto ecosystem.

MATIC’s Interoperability News

Polygon’s MATIC has also been in the spotlight, benefiting from recent news regarding blockchain interoperability. The ability for different blockchain networks to communicate and share information is a critical step towards a more integrated and functional blockchain ecosystem. MATIC’s positive response to this news underscores its relevance in this evolving space.

Market Index Performance

Throughout the day, the Crypto Market Index (CMI) experienced a slight uptick, increasing by 0.3%. This marginal growth reflects a cautious optimism pervading the market, with investors keeping a close eye on the key resistance and support levels.

Bitcoin’s Imminent Breakout

Matrixport has noted that Bitcoin’s breakout above the $36,000 mark appears imminent. This prediction is based on the consistent purchases of BTC during U.S. trading hours. With a more favorable macroeconomic environment for risk assets, there is a potential for Bitcoin to ascend toward the next technical resistance level at $40,000.


The Bitcoin price prediction by experts suggests an impending breakout, with a favorable macroeconomic climate potentially driving prices higher. As Bitcoin hovers below the $36,000 level, the anticipation of a Santa Claus rally and the positive developments in large-cap altcoins like LINK and MATIC add to the market’s momentum. With the Crypto Market Index showing modest gains, the stage is set for what could be an exciting end to the year for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.