Bitcoin ETF Nears Approval, Says JPMorgan

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Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETF prospects have been a hot topic as the cryptocurrency market experienced a period of stability within the $25,800 to $26,000 range after last week’s price surge. The price of bitcoin had reached a high of $28,000 following a federal appeals court order for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to review its rejection of Grayscale Investments’ attempt to convert its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into an ETF. However, the SEC’s delay in making key ETF decisions that were expected last Friday has left traders uncertain about a long-term recovery for major cryptoassets.

SEC May Be Forced to Approve Bitcoin ETF Applications

A report by JPMorgan suggests that the SEC may have no choice but to approve spot bitcoin (BTC) ETF applications from several asset managers. This comes after the federal court’s ruling that the regulator must review its rejection of Grayscale’s attempt to convert the GBTC into a Bitcoin ETF. The court argued that fraud and manipulation in the spot market posed a similar risk to both futures and spot products. It is worth noting that Grayscale and CoinDesk are both owned by Digital Currency Group (DCG).

Stellar’s XLM Gains Amid Market Uncertainty

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the direction of major cryptoassets due to macroeconomic and regulatory narratives, Stellar’s XLM was the only digital asset that saw notable gains. The cryptocurrency advanced by 10% on Monday, demonstrating resilience in the face of an otherwise stagnant market.

Binance Sees Another Senior Executive Departure

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has experienced another senior executive departure, with Global Product Lead Mayur Kamat resigning from the company. Kamat joined Binance in April 2022 and his departure follows those of Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Hillmann, Senior Director of Investigations Matthew Price, SVP for Compliance Steven Christie, and Asia-Pacific Head Leon Foong. This series of departures raises questions about the stability of the company’s leadership team and its potential impact on the market.

Ether Experiences Less Volatility Than Bitcoin

An interesting development in the cryptocurrency market is the recent drop in the ratio between 30-day realized volatility for ether and bitcoin, as shown by the 20-day moving average of the ratio. The ratio has dropped below 1, indicating that ether has recently seen less volatility than bitcoin. This is an unusual situation, according to historical data, which may signal a shift in market dynamics between the two leading cryptocurrencies.


The future of the Bitcoin ETF remains uncertain as the SEC continues to delay key decisions on the matter. The recent court ruling may force the regulator’s hand in approving spot bitcoin ETF applications, but the market remains cautious in the face of regulatory and macroeconomic factors. Meanwhile, Stellar’s XLM has managed to gain ground despite the overall market uncertainty, and ether’s volatility has recently been lower than bitcoin’s, hinting at potential shifts in market dynamics. As the cryptocurrency market navigates these challenges, traders and investors will be closely watching for any developments that may impact the long-term recovery of major cryptoassets.